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    After the discussion that was had in the red thread, I thought I would re-test whether it would work over here.

    Having watched Mythbusters for ages I knew it was better to have multiple types in the hope that at least one of them would explode! So I aquired the following supplies:

    It seems that there isn’t any diet Pepsi over here so I got light Pepsi and Pepsi max.

    I started with the diet Coke (three Mentos in before it was coming out quicker than I could get them in):

    As we can see, it is a pathetic explosion! Just another reason for me to hate diet Coke!

    Next I went with the light Pepsi (three Mentos):

    Showing the diet Coke how it is done and also having time to pull some shapes!

    Before getting a nice stream happening.

    Finally the Pepsi max (four Mentos):

    This is what it is about!

    Yay! I don’t need the dynamite after all 😀

    So it looks like you can have a lot of fun Pepsi max and Mentos over here too! (Sorry for ever doubting you Zeke!)


    What an awesome shot to be able to get just the spout part. Fun stuff swampa!


    I call shenanigans! That was only a 1.25L bottle of Diet Coke, vs 2L of the Diet Pepsi bottles. Use the same size bottle and same number of mentos (personally, 5 seems to be about the right number) and compare apples to apples. Part of the problem with a 1.25L bottle is that it’s so small that the reaction ends too quickly.

    Also, were you dropping them in one at a time? Stack them up in your fingers so they drop in all at once in a straight line. It takes some practice, but gives better results.

    BTW, if you coat them in a very light layer of vaseline, it slows the reaction down because the coke needs to eat through the vaseline. Coat, drop, seal off the bottle, put it down, and run.

    Last, do not use beer:


    I found this video of a kid on youtube that got his fountain to go really high by using a tube to drop most of a pack of mentos in all at once.
    This is best watched as a silent movie because of his irritating music.


    This thread needs more fire.

    Glass bottle full of lighter fluid with a plastic cap in a camp fire.


    This thread needs more fire.

    Glass bottle full of lighter fluid with a plastic cap in a camp fire.

    Useless without pics, or at least hospital reports of shrapnel damage.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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