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    Hey! I’m a super novice photographer. I’m working on a shot for tomorrow’s contest, and every picture I take of my dog, she looks possessed. Is there a way to use the flash and avoid the glowing eyes?
    Thanks 😀


    try not to point the flash directly at her – if possible, bounce it off the nearest wall or the ceiling. may be difficult if you don’t have a SLR with a flash that swivels and rotates and stuff.


    Does your camera have a setting for red-eye reduction? That can help greatly. Or do you have enough natural light that perhaps using the flash isn’t necessary?


    Alternatively, you can use the freaky green posessed look to your advantage…NO ONE VOTES AGAINST THE DEMON PUPPY!!!

    Seriously, though, I try to avoid flash as much as possible. If you can bump up your ISO speed and/or get enough light in the scene as possible to where you can avoid the flash, that will help greatly and look more natural to boot.


    I do have a very good cujo-esque demon puppy shot that I may just have to include tonight!

    I tried the red-eye, and that just scared the crap out of her. Poor puppy!

    I figured using the flash was not going to work regardless, so I think I’ll just take her outside today. Thanks for the advice guys!


    I don’t know nuthin about ISO settings or stuff like that. I just make sure I get as far away from the dog in question and zoom in. The further away, the less blue-eye.


    If you are using an SLR and have access to an external flash, try using the flash off-camera.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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