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    For the “Airborne” contest, I didn’t have much in the archives to choose from, and had no time or good ideas for new stuff. So I ended up with three that “fit the theme”, but definitely not three that I thought were great. I do like to participate though, and you never know for sure what the voters will like, right?

    Anyway, on the saturday of the contest, I went to a lake where thousands of waterfowl–geese mainly, with some gulls, ducks, and even pelicans–gather around sunset. Managed to get a couple that I like way better than my entries:

    This last one has nothing visibly airborne in it, but I like it for some reason I can’t articulate:

    Watchers SOOC


    i like the last one best too.


    ^ Ditto. I love the lines and the lighting.


    Nice, Zero. I like the fade to deep orange in the first one (that’s a lot of freakin’ birds, too!). I like the last one, too; I think its appeal may be partially from the blue/orange complementary color scheme.


    Thanks for the feedback. CISS, that was definitely the most birds I’ve seen in one place. All those dark spots on the water are birds too. As it got darker, the lake began to get full of them. Unfortunately, they started at the far end of the lake first, and gradually filled up the areas closer to the spot we were watching from. The last one, of the people watching, was taken after giving up on getting non-blurred shots of the birds. Luckily, everyone stood still for four seconds.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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