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    Thursday night when I got in my car to drive home I noticed hours and hours of misty drizzle had formed a pattern of water droplets on the windshield of my car. They were all about the same size, more or less evenly spaced and covered 100% of the windshield. I mean none of them can combined and run down the glass to ruin the pattern. At least not at first… The light from the lamposts in the parking lot, which are a weird orange color, looked interesting so I unpacked the camera while sitting in the drivers seat and took some shallow DOF shots.

    I had the car running so after a few mins, the vibrations and the heat caused the drops to start running. But the first batch of shots caught the original uninterrupted pattern. I uploaded a bunch in a gallery called California Winter Rain for those of you that like abstract photos of mundane things! I may use of them for the “weather” contest, but I don’t mind sharing in advance.


    Wow, some of those are really neat, and *should* do well in a contest. Weather[sic] or not, I cannot foretell for certain, with the unpredictability of the voters.


    Cool shots. Those would work for weather, but you could also use some of those for I’m Beginning to See a Pattern.


    Very cool and very surreal. I am a huge fan of photography that captures the normal and portrays it in a wildly different way!


    Yeah, what they said! The sign of a true photographer – seeing the interesting in the mundane. Very cool indeed.




    Very cool. Sometimes come across those mundane things you mentioned but I haven’t quite gotten my eye to see them like that, so I’m glad to know it’s possible. Awesome pictures, and thanks for sharing!


    Wow, thanks for all the positive feedback folks! I’ve been taking my camera bag with whenever I leave the house for awhile now. That’s the only reason I was able to get those shots, since I didn’t expect to find anything interesting on the drive home from work. So it’s nice to see dragging it around pay off.

    And the I’m Beginning to See a Pattern sounds like a great idea zincprincess, even better than weather. Thanks for that idea!


    Very cool indeed.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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