First shots with ’40 Argus and ’48 Argus

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    Went to Az State U today; decided to try out the vintage Argusae (that’s plural, right?) Used Kodak 200 ASA ‘colorchrome’. A couple shots. Used my digital to figure out what to set the Arg’s to, so settings all match.

    Grady Gammage Center, taken with Canon xTi, ISO 200 f/16 1/200th second:

    Same, with 1948 Argus. Camera needs to be serviced/cleaned, but it works!:

    Same, with 1940 Argus. Color is much more subdued; could be dirty lenses?:

    Sign atop one of the halls; intended to be viewed as such. Canon, ISO 200, f/11, 1/200th sec:

    Same shot/settings with ’48 Argus. Note viginnetting:

    And with the ’40 Argus:

    There’s a newer building there that’s pretty much all grey concrete. I might use this one in B&W&GAO. ’48 Argus; ’40 didn’t come out (shutter malfunction) and Canon shows too much color.:


    Argus ’40 (might use this, too, cropped):

    At least they work; a good $10 spent on each. I have a good camera shop I’ll probably take them to for servicing.

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