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    It was a great show, lots of them, nearly 3 a minute, but most were pasty dim. Brighter ones were 1 in 10, a few I caught, 10 pics–but against a lapsed photo, not so impressive. The fireball type that would have made the shots were rare, only 6 in 3 hours (one I saw when driving home) and the camera was never pointed and clicking in that direction. Such is life. I at least saw them in person, if not captured them on memory stick.

    This is Orion, a constellation many people know. The meteor is on the left, top section.

    This one appears to be heading straight for Aldebaran. Any Tauruseans out there? This constellation is for you. Any sorority girls? Lower right, the Pleaides Cluster.

    Not a meteor. But it was a satellite. Don’t know which one. I suppose I could find out. This was a 33 second exposure, during which time the sat. moved 6.22 degrees (oh yes–I mapped it out).

    I mainly focused west, but some of the best stuff appeared in the east. Venus shining through pre-morning high clouds, with Spica at her 2 oclock, and Saturn at Spica’s 11:30.

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