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    So there was an article on Fark sometime last week about photoshoptography and unrealistic ideals and whatnot…. TFA

    While I have no desire for anything as drastic as the article points out, I had a situation come up last night while at a concert that is along similar lines.

    I have a friend (Who is very beautiful, and generally confident, I might add), that is very self-concious about her lack of being photogenic. I was using the P&S beater last night to take snapshots of our group, and after one photo of her and my homeboy, she promptly started yelling for me to delete it. I asked if she would give me a chance to make it look decent in post-processing, and she agreed.

    I’ve never actually done anything like this before, and used some of the links in TFA as inspiration, but tried to keep everything within reason and still realistic. I figure as long as it’s still true-to-form, and helps with her self-esteem, then there’s no harm in a little touch-up.

    Any critiques, criticism, or advice would be greatly appriciated.



    Full Sizes (slightly out of focus – it was dark):


    Hi orionid.

    I thought you did real well. Very subtle.

    I thought I’d see what I could do.
    I used a ps slider called vibrance @ 75%. That warmed up the skin tones. Then I reduced the contrast 33% Which gave a softer look. I also worked on her lips using warp and clone stamp.


    Thanks Lightgiver. I do like how her skin turned out on yours, but I’m not sure I’d have used vibrance to do it. At least not across the whole image.

    Basically what I did was work through in layers with one featue at a time. I also left Dallas (the dude) alone. He brings sexy back all on his own.

    First I used cut, paste, and warp for her lips. I figured the “pursed” look would have been truer than filling the gap in her teeth, and was close to what she was doing to begin with. Here’s where I noticed one mistake I did make that you can see on the full-res “after” where I forgot to blend a hard edge on her upper lip.

    Next, I replaced the red-eye with black pupils, and restored her iris color. I actually over-compensated a little bit with the hue (slightly more purple) to make it truer in the small version (which got uploaded to facebook).

    I lowered the exposure in her nostrils to 0.85 get rid of the appearance of looking straight up her nose.

    I used dodge/burn to darken her eyebrows and take the glare off the tip of her nose.

    I selected all of her skin area and used a soften filter and the spot blemish tool to hide her acne scars.

    I feather-edged a selection on each of her cheekbones then used a magenta-ish photo filter at 21% to darken her blush.

    I did think about skin tones, but like I said initially, I wanted to keep it as true to her as possible. I like how her skin turned out with vibrance in your’s, I wouldn’t have thought of that for skin tones, but it does make her irises a little too bright. It also makes his arm and neck too yellow imho. Perhaps maybe with a slective mask of just her skin area it would look really good, but like I said, I would have probably gone a different route. Possibly gamma adjust or old-fashioned hue/sat/color. I might have to give both of those a try.


    I could tell you did a lot of things orionid. Hard to tell how you did them because they were all smooth moves. Thanks for the explanation. There is always more than one way to push a pixel.


    that was a good job. you did it manage to make her beauty more attractive and enhance his sophisticated beauty.

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