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    I mentioned it briefly back in Pope Larry’s European Vacation thread, but to recap, my inlaws took their daughters and their spouses (i.e., me and my BIL) on a Greek island cruise back in October.

    I’m just now getting around to uploading my photos to share with family & friends, so since it’s been so dead around here lately, I thought I’d share a few with y’all, too. (OK, I admit that it’s also a bit of reflecting some of the envy I’ve felt over seeing Yugoboy and Pope’s European and Barracuda’s Yellowstone/Teton galleries. :lol:)

    It was our first time in Europe, and it was pretty cool actually seeing places & things I’d only seen before in photos & on the web. I could do without the actual getting there part, though; we left on Friday, flew to Venice and then directly boarded the ship, but with the time difference and two 4-hour layovers, it was Sunday before our first port.

    I did grab a few OK shots of the Alps out of the plane window on the way over:

    I’ll put each stop in a separate post after this. I’ve limited myself to 4 shots per stop; you can see the others if you want at the aforementioned website. (I haven’t had time to post process any of these, so they’re all SOOC except for the Alps shot above.)


    Sunday: Dubrovnik, Croatia

    While it was called a “Greek Isle” cruise, only two stops were actually Greek islands. Croatia and Santorini Island (below) were my favorite stops by far. I’d definitely like to go back and see more of Croatia.

    We toured the old walled city of Dubrovnik and then went into the countryside to see an old working family mill & winery.

    Lighthouse on an island just outside of Dubrovnik:

    The port at Dubrovnik. We’re docking at the empty slot in front:

    Inside the walled city:

    The walled city as viewed from the mountainside:


    Monday: Corfu, Greece

    Corfu is one of the two stops that is actually a Greek island. We toured an old Byzantine church, the Achilleion Palace (built by an Austrian empress and named for Achilles), and the old city of Corfu.

    Bell tower on the Byzantine church:


    Statue of Achilles at the Achilleion Palace:

    The old town of Corfu:


    Tuesday: Santorini, Greece

    Santorini is the second actual Greek island stop. It’s the remains of an ancient volcano which is pretty plain to see if you look at it on a map (I can’t seem to figure out how to post a google maps link here, so you’ll have to google it if you’re interested).

    You’ve likely seen photos of the white adobe and blue domed buildings on Santorini. It was truly almost impossible to take a photo there that didn’t look like a postcard.

    The clifftop town of Fira:

    Looking down from Fira into the collapsed caldera:

    The rooftops of Oia:

    Fira from above:


    Wednesday: Piraeus (Athens), Greece

    Aside from the Acropolis, Athens was probably my least favorite stop. Lots of graffiti (fortunately, none of it in the Acropolis, at least).

    A statue within the Acropolis grounds:

    The template of Hephaestus:

    The Porch of the Caryatids with Athens in the background:

    Athens from the ship:


    Thursday: Katakolon & Olympia, Greece

    We toured Olympia, site of the first Olympics, and a winery in Katakolon.

    Temple of Zeus at Olympia:

    Stadium where the first Olympics were held:

    Winery in Katakalon that has been in the same family for 150 years:

    One of the winery owners, probably the most stereotypically Greek-looking dude I saw there:


    Saturday: Venice, Italy

    The last day was spent cruising back to Venice and since the flight back wasn’t until the next day, we had a day to tour Venice.

    In one of the walkways in St. Mark’s Square:

    Gondolas on a foggy overcast day:

    Required stereotypical gondola & gondolier Venetian photo, with bonus posing tourist (not part of my party):

    The Grand Canal, just in front of the Rialto Bridge:

    A huge cruise ship rounding the corner of the island:

    And that’s it! (Aside from the equally as long flight back.)


    Nice shots, looks like you had an awesome trip.


    Totally jealous.

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