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    I was asked by an interior designer I work with to take this photo; however, I have no idea how to crop it. Any suggestions?

    As for the lighting of it, I have about 50 similar shots with varying exposures, so that’s not a big deal. (yes, those are my legs in the reflection)

    DSC_1030 by Craig in TO, on Flickr


    Just IMO obviously, but here goes…

    The pattern above and to the left of the window (which I assume is a light in the ceiling) is distracting, since it has no reference in the rest of the photo. It feels like it’s encroaching and draws attention away from the main focus of the photo. So I’d probably crop it out. I’m assuming that you don’t want to edit it out of course. If that’s OK, then you could use Photoshop/GIMP/etc… to make the top consistent get rid of the distraction factor.

    But assuming you did need to crop the top off then you could play around with cropping it just above or below the horizontal wood piece that looks like mini-crown molding. Then once that fixes the top, then take enough off the bottom to balance the composition.

    One other thing to check, I looks like all the horizontal lines in the photo are slightly tilted. I’d try playing with rotating the photo making various horizontal parts perfectly flat to see which one I liked best. It think it might “feel” different if the top of the window was straight, versus if the line between the wood and steel was straight, versus if the bottom of the window was straight.


    Choc-Ful-A, thanks!

    I was planning on cropping out the light fixtrue and straightening it, beyond that I had no ideas.


    I’m with Choc-Ful-A – but I’d add that a polarizer is always a nice thing to have in the kit, since you can use it to knock down reflections like the legs.


    I fooled around with it a bit in my editing software and in the end only ended up with some small colour adjustments after a tiny bit of straightening (-.2 degrees). I did remove the lights in the top but overall I like the composition.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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