How I froze my ass off last night.

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    These damn trains kept whizzing by. Apparently, the West Hudson corridor is a popular freight route. There were six five-engine behemoths that went by in a little over an hour, each one bring with it a colder wind than the previous.

    Stacked photo. 30 seconds X 121 frames. I have a couple ideas to go back and “refine” this, but I need to take a few more things in preparation. 1) My remote trigger/timer. 2) A heavier coat than my light “I’m in VA for two weeks” jacket. 3) Someone to conversate with. I also need to find a clear, moonless night.


    I love the industrial lights


    So I’m trippin over the full-rez power plant… man, there’s a lot in there. The steam plume looks like a fountain and I see one aircraft trail. I need some windless nights to get a continuous hour-long stack of registered images LOL

    neat stuff.


    what are you using to stack the images? are you taking them at full-size?

    that is some nice work.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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