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    Hello All,

    This will be my birthday present and Christmas Probably for the next couple all in one. It’s an upgrade from a fabulous camera. The Canon S3IS.

    I went with the Pentax K10D. Camera body, 18-55 and 50-200 for $1000. I think the main selling points were the image stabilization on the camera, so now any lens I mount has stabilization. And, from what I’m told, the quantity of lenses available to fit the mount. I haven’t looked into it yet but they told me that Pentax changed their lens mount less frequently than either Canon or Nikon. It takes the same Sd card as the Canon too, so I already had some of those. I’m not sure I’ve read or heard anything bad about this camera.

    They, Adray Camera, http://www.adraycamera.com also had a used Canon D30 for sale for $800, but that was for the body only. So I looked at as getting two lenses for $200. As I didn’t have ANY yet, I thought it was a good start.

    I bought it on 10-1 and I’ve already shot 1000 pictures through it. Some of the first are available here, http://ponkey.com/Gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=643. I am truly in awe of some of the pictures.

    Now I need to learn to deal with RAW pictures. (DNG’s actually) At 10-16 megs each, I won’t be saving and archiving quite as many as the 1 1/2- 4 meg jpg’s from the Canon. I qugraded Irfanview to 4.0 but it doesn’t seem to handle DNG’s all that well. Microsoft has a Powertoy for dealing with RAW images but not it’s tailored more for Canon and Nikon products. The camera came with a decent enough tool for thumbing and Gimp handles these fine so I can’t whine too loud.

    Maybe now I’ll even make more time for sharing pix and entering contests in the interweb against some of the finest and funnest photogs I know. 😀

    Snug Tight

    Congrats on your new toy dgough. I have had my dslr for just about 3 years now. I shot number 10704 yesterday and I’m still trying to fugure out what all those buttons do.

    Great, one more person to kick my ass in the contests every week. 😆


    Some friends are trying to talk me into selling stuff. I assume many in here that don’t already make a living at it hear that alot.
    “Your stuff is so beautiful you should make money doing this.” I like it being a toy. I like it being a hobby. I’m afraid that if I tried making a living taking pictures, it would become work.

    Never mind there are SO many better. Like this guy I know in Divernon,IL. 😉



    congrats on the new toy and yea another Pentax user. I have a *istDS. I also have quite a few lenses. Mostly old ones.
    Nice thing about Pentax, they didn’t change the mount much and even the screw mount lenses work with the newest
    cameras with a simple adapter. I have put a 1960s Russian lens on mine with excellent results. There is a menu setting you
    have to change before the camera will let you use a fully manual lens.

    have fun

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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