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    Can be viewed and read about, or just viewed.

    If you read about them, maybe you can help me sort out which ones were flashed and which ones weren’t – I think I got some of them backwards.

    Some non-artsy photos are also available, but you’ll have to pick around the text.


    ooooo nice schnee!!!


    Very nice! The flash-frozen yellow flower is wonderful.

    I find the side-by-side in “and read about” really helpful, since flash is one of those things I’m constantly strugglng with. How were you flashing them?


    I have a Canon kit – EOS 7e with a 420 EX flash. The flash was mounted on top of camera (usual position). I was a bit afraid that the lens would shadow the flash since my working distance was pretty limited, but that did not manifest.

    I know this isn’t very useful, but I used the flash as a robo-flash and let the camera’s auto metering figure it all out. If I could, I probably would have thrown less light at the ice to reduce some of the reflections. Next time, I’ll try something like that.

    I was mostly concerned with DOF and consequentially twiddled with the aperture setting and the DOF-preview.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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