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    Thanks for the heads up on the gun.
    *revises “to mug” list*

    See. Worked already. Guns prevent crime.

    *stops before thread devolves into political mud-slinging, name calling, and hurt butts*



    So, after some time with the D600 what do you think?



    So, after some time with the D600 what do you think?

    I freaking love it so far, the only quirks are options that aren’t in the same spot as they were on the D90 and I either fumble around looking for them (I still haven’t found AF-C) or give up and make a note to read the book when I get home.

    Just a couple quick notes on major differences over the D90 so far:

    ISO 3200 with High Noise Reduction looks like ISO 400 on the D90. I was shooting at Luray Caverns at f/3.5 with ambient light only and it blew my mind. Hoping the clouds break at least one night this trip so I can benchmark it on the milky way.

    Rapid fire is rapid.

    Focus is fast. Ken Rockwell says the focus is unacceptable slow for a top-tier camera (Rockwell’s an idiot), but then goes on to say it’s the best camera Nikon ever made because of the price. I say, from where I came, it’s freaking blazing, even with screw-drive lenses.

    Uses sensor to allow Aperture Priority on non AI lenses. This is huge. I can leave it in AP when I slap on the soda can or any number of homebrews/bastard jobs. It does have some weird interactions with off-brand AI. My Pro-optic (Adorama specific label of Rokinon/Samyang/Etc) 8mm Fisheye is underexposed as Fuuuu……

    Resolution is, ummm, a lot. So the files are huge. No, bigger than that. No, Bigger still. Listen, I’m talking Krakens and Leviathans for jewelry huge. I bought lightroom simply so I go to RAW only and save myself 12-15 MB of JPEG per shot. Someday, I’ll learn to use Lightroom as more than an overpriced thumbnail viewer, but ACR/PS is so damn convenient.

    I’ll give more later when I’ve got time. Need to finish up a little bit of stuff (like my coffee), finish drying from this morning’s waterfall shoot, then go meet a local MMA fighter to do some photos with him.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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