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    I realize your search functions aren’t working yet on Bibliostats but I had an idea about something that would be useful in a database. If I had the technical know-how to set it up I would do it myself.

    People sometimes want to know if an idea for a theme has been done before, or whether a theme they want to suggest is a classic. Would there be a way to attach tags to the themes and offer a search functionality for them? Using my list as a guide I would classify themes like such:

    “Summer Daze”

    “Frankly My Deer, I Don’t Give a Dam”

    “Barren Macro”
    – macro
    – still life
    – objects

    We could even add the theme suggestor as a tag so if you wanted to see how many greenlit themes we’ve done suggested by SilverStag for example, you can put him in. And the month/year perhaps too, so you could see all of the 2008’s contests or all of the December contests or all of the contests in December of 2008.

    Also, I would totally be down with entering all the information into the database on the initial load, if that’s possible, so you wouldn’t have to do it.

    Or, if you know somewhere there’s a free & easy database website thing out there that I could set up separately, I could do that.



    to the idea, I think this is a GREAT suggestion. Bonus for Bibliosaurus Rex–Kes probably knows more about the individual contest themes from her book research AND is willing to do the work!!


    Excellent suggestions, Kes. Funny enough, your post in the other thread where you mentioned having the themes categorized put a similar idea in my head. We could even do something like a tag cloud that shows the frequency of tag usage in our themes.

    I can’t think of a quick ‘n easy ‘n free solution, but I’ll continue to puzzle over it. When I get a chance to do some more development, contest & user search & index pages are next on the list, so I’ll keep these ideas in mind and will be coming back to you to at a minimum get your categorizations and tags for the themes.


    Yeah that’s what made me think of it too. If there’s a way for a scraper to pick up the tags when the themes go live, we could probably add tag text to the boobies for future contests. Then we would just have to tag past contests.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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