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    I thought of this when I saw an old abandoned house and thought it looked creepy. So that house is gonna be one of my entries if this topic gets approved.

    Official Description: “Exactly what the title says: Illustrate a Fark tag. Must include the tag with your photo. Choose from: Amusing, Asinine, Awkward, Boobies (must be SFW), CSB (Cool Story Bro), Caturday, Cool, Creepy, Dumbass, Facepalm, Fail, Fake, Farktography, Florida, Giggity, Hero, Interesting, Ironic, Live, Misc, Murica, News, Newsflash, Obvious, PSA, Plug, Sad, Sappy, Satire, Scary, Sick, Silly, Spiffy, Strange, Stupid, Unlikely, Vintage, Weeners (must be SFW), Weird, Wheaton, Woofday. (Audio, AudioEdit, Caption, Photoshop, Video, and VideoEdit are not applicable for this contest)

    (Contest #734)



    I like it. I’ll add the list of Fark tags to it so people have all the options.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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