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    Coooee, all,

    First up, I am extremely new to posting on Farktography, and have entered the last two comps only because Staplermofo heard my pleas for help and gave me a vital piece of information RE posting from a hosting site.

    My first question is this: I am currently using Image Shack as my host site, but when I post a pic, it only appears to be about two inches wide on screen in the Farktography comp. Other submitters’ images are much larger, and I don’t know how I can get mine to be posted a little larger, as I feel so much of the matter is too small to be seen and appreciated!
    This is what I’m doing, please bear with me, and instruct me as to what I am not doing correctly.
    1. Save my chosen pic in Adobe Photoshop (Save For Web) and reduce file size to 60% or so to get below the 60K limit preferred for the comps.
    2. Upload to ImageShack, selecting the UPLOAD File optionand resize to 320 x 240 (for websites and email) option.
    3. I then right click on the hosted pic, and in PROPERTIES, highlight the image ADDRESS/URL and paste this into the Farktography insert code.

    What on earth am I doing wrong?

    Second question: How can I put a hotlink in with my entry so people can click on it to see the photo in a bigger size?I am feeling so frustrated at my lack of understanding of this arcane art! I have also noticed a few other Farkers struggling with this, so I musn’t be alone, but am probably the only one to ask here. I’ve read through the older posts and cannot see anything. I’ve also consulted the FARKTOGRAPHY How-To page without success.

    I’ve posted three pics on the latest Anniversary Comp under my name (Shazzoir) if you would like to see what I mean…

    Kind regards,


    A big help is the Fark Scratch Pad. It lets you make comments, post images, &c. for practice. I do a trial run before almost every Farktography theme.

    RE: ImageShack, I suggest using Photoshop to resize your image to Fark standards (< 60K and < 700 px wide and < 1200 px tall). You're probably already doing that. When you post to the 'Shack, don't let them resize to 240x320; uncheck that box. After uploading, don’t post the “thumbnail” code, find the embeddable code. If the IMG src has something like in it (the ‘th’ is important) then you are posting the thumbnail. The embeddable link for sites will look like:

    Image Hosted by

    You can simply copy-and-paste that link into the scratchpad and see what happens.

    You can also find the “direct” link. It will look something like this:

    And then you can wrap your own img tag around that if you should want.

    Using ImageShack, you may be able to get a higher res image uploaded. In that case, you’d probably want to upload the high-res one AND a Fark-sized one. “Simply” wrap the Fark-sized one in an anchor tag that href’s on over to the high-rez URL. Something like:

    The Farksized image will be shown, which, when clicked, will bring up the hi-res one.

    Easy! (yeah, right. Use the scratchpad).


    Thanks, Schnee, between you and StaplerMofo, I think some practice is in order, and will result in the desired outcome.

    I’ll have a play tonight, and let you know how I go on this thread! 🙂

    Again, my thanks,



    schnee, thank you. (Yeah, so, I’m a little late in finding this topic. I’m usually late to post my pictures, too. Hush.) I never knew about the Scratch Pad. I just posted the message without putting in my password–this way I got nagged for my password, but I knew I could test repeatedly and not accidentally post.

    In case Shazzoir is still reading, I’ll offer an addendum. Include target=_blank (note the underscore before the word “blank”) in your code, and when someone clicks on the image, the hi res version will open in a new window. For example:



    schnee, thank you.

    You are welcome. The scratchpad suggestion made it into the boobies this week and is there to stay.

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