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    Howdy folks,
    I’ve shot engagement pics/weddings outside, but a coworker wants me to shoot her wedding, and it will be in a church. Wedding party is big – 6 bridesmaids/groomsmen.

    HELP! What lighting setup is best? I have a Canon speedlite 430 flash, and I would assume I’d need an additional – go for another 430 or go to the 580? And I would need umbrellas, or is there a better option for indoor weddings? My current tripod is short, so I will also get a taller tripod (is 74″ tall enough??).

    Don’t worry, I will have plenty of time to test and get to know the equipment beforehand. I just need to know what is the best to get!

    Any advice, deals, specific products I should get, etc. would be awesome.

    THANK YOU!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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