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    Time for a new Photoshoptography crossover.

    There are two proposals on the table:

    Collage – A Photoshop theme like “Photoshop a collage of your favorite Farktography entries” with the link going to the Archive page

    Band Literal – a concurrent theme with the upcoming Farktography theme. “We” shoot and “they” ‘Shop the same theme (they don’t ‘Shop our shots). A literal representation of a Band’s name

    any more ideas? We’ll try to finalize on something next week.


    before i belabor the obvious .. went back and read all the posts in the topics at photoshopgraphy and it looks like you’ve been down this road more than once. it seems there are two main problems. the drew part and the lack of promotion on our part. i’m in the PSAEF all the time and can nag them once we decide what it is we’re trying to do.

    i’d like to push the band literal one for right now. it works for both places and is far enough out that we could promote it some. there are those here that have much more pull with drew than i do and i would suggest preping him ASAP. a “hey we’de like to” thing to start and some follow-up when the PS thread is posted. it would be really sweet if the two could go green at close to the same time.


    just FYI i posted a comment in the PSAEF this morning (11-2-06 10:04:28 AM) and it’s getting some nice responses.


    I like the band literal idea a lot. Should be fun to see what people come up with…


    Now really, Curious – I think that the band literal is cool. Should post that in the PSAEF. The only problem I see is that the thread should be single – it’ll be difficult for people to go back and forth between the farktography thread and the photoshop thread – unless they have super-duper browers…


    Bill the Cat had an idea that might be worth pursuing. those that participate in both venues shoot a photo for a particular farktography contest. they then use PS to enhance, mangle, whatever the image as an “O” in a themed PS contest. the theme being PS your photo from farktography. it wouldn’t matter to the farktography contest except that it should spur some PS folks to enter. it would reduce the entries to the photoshop part since only those that submitted to farktography would have “o”‘s. but there have been low turn out PS contest before and they have enough contests that one low count contest would go unnoticed.

    we could also promote the PS contest in the boobies for the farktography contest. might make some folks enter both since they would be working with their own stuff.

    sofashark suggested this: You could do a theme on paired opposites. The Farktographers do a “Black” theme, then hand it over to the PSers to pick up the “White” half, as long as they use an element of at least one photograph that was entered.

    the following discussion produced this in my part: farktography recently had a theme of “your style” or words to that effect. a variation might be shot in so and so’s style (giving credit to who you are emulating) and the PS crowd could then enhance the photo to make it match a painter. ansel adams meets georgia o’keefe.

    Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico with “White” blended in.


    Great job getting on top of this, Curious. (And welcome to the darkside, sirosisoflyvre!) Someone else had a good idea in that thread, that since we get 3 entries per person, that we could submit 3 photos that be an odd/interesting combination, and the PS’ers take a set of 3 from a Farktographer and combine them in some way. Can’t remember who said that (I could go back and look), but it was a good idea.

    I like Bill the Cat‘s idea too…


    Glad to be posting in this discussion, Elsinore. I also recall that idea of the combination of the three images into a shop. It sounds a bit like the tennis shops that occasionally come by – we just keep adding things into the image.

    A thought might be to take the “winner” of the farktography contest and submit that as a photoshop contest. Who knows – I might just be hallucinating this early on a Friday (check local listings)


    A thought might be to take the “winner” of the farktography contest and submit that as a photoshop contest. Who knows – I might just be hallucinating this early on a Friday (check local listings)

    That’s pretty much what we tried last time with the Focus People Focus contest. Didn’t work out too well (good idea, poor execution).

    The proposed “same theme for both Farktography and Photoshop” is an attempt to actually have a successful crossover. However, I’d really like to see the “‘shop the winning Farktograph” approach succeed someday since that was my original proposal way back in March 06.


    these comments were recently made in the psaef regarding the crossover

    2006-11-03 01:51:02 PM LightGiver [TotalFark]

    I have an idea for a Fark cross over to throw into the kitty. something like this…
    photoshop one of the top 50 (or so) Farktography shots from a Farktography theme contest… assign the Farktography shots a number, maybe random.. and probably secret to the identity of the pic. then the Fark photoshoppers pick a number or maybe have a number (or link of the pic) assigned to them, or enter the crossover contest to get a pic to use they have to shop that pic they get like from a quick pick lottery pool or something. and then when the photoshopper posts his photoshop he also posts the original along with the makers name into the photoshop contest. Once the photoshopper posts the photoshopped farkography pic he can get another one to do. This may be redundant or needs tweaking but I gotta go now. Later

    2006-11-03 02:41:05 PM And-1 [TotalFark]

    LightGiver: I have an idea for a Fark cross over

    Not that is a bad idea or anything – actually I quite like it – but if you can’t explain it in one short sentence then it is too complicated for Fark.

    Yes, the people around here are morans, present company excepted, of course….

    2006-11-03 05:11:51 PM LightGiver [TotalFark]

    And 1 short sentence

    Fark crossover contest:

    The top 50 “0’s” from a Farktography theme contest shall be available for photoshopping by Fark photoshoppers who may request an “0” from Farktography central services whereas the “0” shall be posted along with the makers name and the photoshop enabling the photoshopper to wash rinse repeat.

    Boy… Life ain’t easy

    2006-11-03 10:52:57 PM Brian O’Blivion [TotalFark]

    LightGiver I have an idea for a Farktography cross over
    I see where you’re going with that. Here’s another take on it:

    Take any image from the Farktography thread and Photoshop it to fit the stated PS thread theme.

    Takes one sentence to describe, thus fufilling And-1’s pragmatic corollary:
    If you can’t explain it in one short sentence then it is too complicated for Fark.

    Gives PS’ers maximum flexibility and choice.

    Partly overcomes the limitation that a a good Farktograph and a good PS thread s`o’urce can be entirely different animals.

    Requires no thread or entrant synchronization: As soon as the Farktography thread is posted, the PS’ers are in business.

    Assigns no weight to Farktography thread voting results.

    The Farktographers know what the PS theme will be, right from the start, so they can use their ingenuity to create what they think are `shoppable images.

    You can’t PS your own Farktograph.

    Personal opinion
    I’d be very interested to see which Farktographs inspired Photoshoppers the most. The Farktographers might find that interesting too.

    /ne illegitimi carborundum

    Veni, vidi, it tastes like chicken.


    ok that’s one down. the band literal is currently running and seems to have a good turnout for both sides.

    friday i will start a new thread for what we do next.

    thanks to all who helped get this done and for your participation in the contests.


    thanks for organizing this you guys. i think it turned out better than last time (too many wires got crossed) and while my photoshop entry sucked i am excited to try again next time.


    Agreed–I think this one was a success 🙂 Great work!

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