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Just got first zoom-capable camera (noob)

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    Well, for the first time in my life, I have a camera capable of zoom. I picked up the Nikon Coolpix S3. A weak camera for all you pros, I know, but it’s much more full featured than any of my previous cameras (it actually has things like zoom, exposure compensation, manual ISO changing, etc., a new thing for me). Was this a good purchase choice for 300$ Canadian? Any tips for taking better pictures to start me off?


    I don’t know much about the Nikon Coolpix line, but I’ve heard good things in general. Sounds like you got a good set of features. One book that might give you some good tips is Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. He also has a book called Understanding Digital Photography that’s pretty good, too, but Understanding Exposure is a great resource with simple explanations and great example pictures.


    You might be thinking too much of us to assume we’d look down on the Coolpix line. I have a couple big guns but I probably shoot more with my Coolpix 3.2 MP peashooter during the week than with the bigger equipment, and get just as good pics out of it (yeah they’re more snapshots than what I can get out of the big guys but they’re good snapshots).

    Shot this one with the Coolpix during the tail end of a thunderstorm and I liked it so much I sent it into another site’s photo contest this month:


    …I sent it into another site’s photo contest this month:

    Are we going to stand for this sort of blatant two-timing? 😀

    nice shot!


    re we going to stand for this sort of blatant two-timing?

    Uh oh I’m in trouble

    Yeah I know I should be smart and save it for the appropriate Farktography subject down the road but I liked it too much to keep it under wraps.


    darkcanuck: D-lighting is teh awesome.

    The only way to get better is to take gobs of pictures and have an idea of what you like.
    Don’t be afraid to focus where you want the focus to be, then frame your picture. When it doubt, throw a stapler in the picture, it always makes it better, always.

    Claff: I feel cheap now.
    If anyone needs me I’ll be turning tricks by the Kwik-Mart loading docks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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