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    I took off work one day last week and drove down the coast taking pictures. It was incredibly therapeutic to be outdoors thinking solely about how to deal with the (serious) wind, position of the sun, and camera/tripod logistics. I’m going to have to do that more often… One stop on the tour was a place called Waddell Beach. There’s always kite surfers and wind surfers there. And since the wind was very strong that day, it was crawling with them. So I stopped and took a bunch of photos. But I was pretty far away and had to zoom to 300mm to get decent detail. While I don’t think any of the shots are fantastic, I did have fun playing “sports journalist” and like some of them anyway.

    I tracked one particularly acrobatic surfer’s as he did a run from the beach, out pretty far and then back to the beach. In the process he got airborne several times, flipping in the air before landing. I’ve cropped and aligned a series of four shot showing a takeoff, flip and landing prep. I uploaded them to this gallery in case you want to have a look.

    On a related note, any tips or tricks on how to shoot in strong wind? I ended up spreading the legs of the tripod as wide as possible get the camera close to the ground. Since I was on a hill/cliff that worked out OK. But it was a real pain since I was basically sitting on the parking lot to work the camera.


    nice shots!

    for strong wind, don’t use an aluminium tripod.
    My wife gave me a wicked Digipod…all heavy steel. weighs a ton, and not for day trips/hikes, but rock solid, and you’re in a car… also lets you screw the rubber
    foot pads back, to reveal some nice pointy steel spikes that peg into the ground…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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