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    I’m sure you know that there are various other internet photo contest so that got me thinking. What if the Farktographers just organized and went out and tried to win them all. We could keep track of ourselves here and award pointage.


    That’s just mean. I like it.


    Well, I’ve tried DPChallenge a couple of times but those guys are just out of my league (not that it really takes much). It wouldn’t be a bad place to start your conquest of the tubes.


    Jesus, and people think the rules here are bad? Take a gander at the rules over at DPChallenge… wow.


    Man, I’d be DQ’d like a mofo. I wake up half the time and don’t know what time zone I’m in. Let alone actually update my camera for it. I have moon and star photos that the exif data says are at eight in the morning, and a night shot of the Eiffell tower that says high noon. Oh, wait. they wouldn’t count anyway, has to be after the contest is announced. Wow.

    Wonder if StaplerMofo or Elsinore would have problems getting past the “You may not submit a photograph… depicting acts of sex.” Even if it is staplers and bugs. Or, heck, Last weeks lions from corsec67.


    There’s a lot more to be said for being fun than being good.
    This seems like a fun idea though, even if we don’t end up bringing the rest of the internet to its knees.

    How about we stake out another contest to make sure we understand their crazy, foreign rules, and the spirit/nature of their contests, talk/plot things out here (so we don’t end up looking like a bunch of mean-spirited, juvenile jerks who fail at the internet and also fail at photography), then post more or less en masse (as appropriate)?

    First impressions are lasting impressions, after all.
    Then we punch their websites in the stomach, give them wedgies and take their lunch money.

    (I just want to punch a website.)


    I just want to punch a website.

    It’s easier than you’d think. But be careful, laptop screens are expensive.


    When submitting to contests on various websites, be sure to read the fine print. Often you are giving them extensive rights to use the photo. Be sure to protect your copyright, if you’re concerned about it.’

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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