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    I ventured somewhat out of my comfort zone tonight. We had a storm roll on by. Nothing unusual about that. Didn’t think anything of it until I got told to look outside. There really wasn’t thunder, but there was a WHOLE lotta lightning going on and the sky kept lighting up like daylight. I didn’t get a shot with a lightning bolt, but I did get a relatively decent 30-second exposure anyway. Manual focus with long-exposure noise reduction turned on so of course I couldn’t view it until the camera finished its business. Anyway, I think its cool and I wanted to share.


    We’ve had some amazing storms the past few nights, people are taking incredible lightning photos. I, however, have not shot a single one. As a basement dweller I lack a view to the sky and the idea of standing in the open with an umbrella and tripod while huge bolts of electricity blast into the fundament (that is a double entendre for all the English majors out there) is a bit more than I am willing to risk for my art!


    Cool, keep expanding that comfort zone, CD! Too bad you couldn`t get the lightning shot you wanted, but unless you have a Camera Axe like Caradoc they can be tricky to capture. We had a great lightning show a couple of weeks back, but I was at work and didn`t have a camera on me–I was bummed because you wouldn`t have even needed a long exposure to catch the lightning. Just a constant series of flashes for about 20 minutes. I`ve never seen anything like it, but I hope I do again (this time with camera ready, natch)!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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