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    Shameless plug of my London trip 😉

    HAVE to eat some fish n’ chips

    St. Paul’s Cathedral

    Tower Bridge

    Gerkhin (don’t know if that’s spelled right – I’ll figure it out later)

    Christmas light zooming

    Yes, my girlfriend dragged me to afternoon tea. Yes, I enjoyed every minute of it 😉

    This was my first attempt at multiple exposures on my DSLR. I couldn’t hold my camera steady enough from the low-angle, though, and my tripod wouldn’t get that low. That’s why I ended up buying the gorillapod.

    Big Ben on the right

    British Museum

    I was shocked to find a Whoopie pie in the UK. Did these follow me?

    Steak and ale pie. *drool* I was just sad it was so small.

    After going through these photos, I was sad I didn’t hit most of them earlier – there were some good entries that would have done better than I did in the church contest last week. Oh well -_-

    As always, feedback/tips/criticisms are VERY welcomed. Always aspiring to be as good as you lot.


    These include some really neat shots. I like the architectural ones, and that last foodie shot is perfectly taken and reminds me I’ve had nothing to eat yet this morning for breakfast! (Coffee only goes so far, you know…)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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