Luna Moths

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    Rather than clutter this up with the dozen pics I chose of the 72 I got last night, I instead direct you to my blog:

    and my Flickr set:

    For the shots I got last night of the Luna Moths that showed up! I got summoned outside to see them and promptly went back in and grabbed my camera. It made my night to see them and today I’m still glowing about it. I also posted in my facebook for those that saw there. I’m just so excited about them I had to share!


    Very lucky. I’ve always loved Luna moths but I have yet to see a wild one.


    Pretty cool. I’ve seen them a handful of times; they’re definitely not a regular sight here.


    Wow. Them’s some big-arsed moths! Beautiful color to them–not what I think of here in Az when I think ‘moth’. Very nice detail in the shots of the little frondy antennae!


    oooh, very pretty… and yes, a lucky happening. I spent maybe six years total living up in that part of the US and in all that time I’ve seen one luna moth. Very cool!


    Awesome shots. I wish we got more variety of interesting moths here in AZ. I’ve got a few of a Rustic Sphinx feeding on a night-blooming Easter Lily, but that’s about it.

    Most of them are just grey or brown.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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