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    So, I got a big fancy Rebel XT and a couple fancy lenses (Canon 50mm f/1.8 and a Tamron 70-300mm LD Macro) and much to my dismay, focusing is really hard. How the heck do I get something in perfect focus when the whole focus range is covered in a 45 degree turn of a tiny and not particularly steady ring?


    I feel your pain. My KM 5d is my first dSLR (SLR in general really) and my Nikon 5400 made it so easy to focus that I got spoiled. Now I think something looks great through the viewfinder but when I get home I see the focus is on the wrong thing or it isn’t tack sharp.
    There are so many little adjustments that make such a difference. 😕

    I’m just commiserating really. I have to assume the longer we play with our cameras the better we’ll get. Right?


    i would imagine so. i got so frustrated with manual focusing that i gave up entirely unless i can’t get the auto-focus to look where i want.

    Snug Tight

    mofo I feel your pain. I’ve got a Digital EOS and just got a Canon 75-300mm. The auto focus rarely focuses on what I want it to. That’s the good thing about digital, you can take a lot of shots without it costing more. Wow, I just did the math and I have taken 447 shots since I got the new lens on April 11. You are a good farktographer so I think you will pick up mastering the focus in no time.



    One of the problems with autofocus lenses, is that the focus mechanisms are loose. This enables the motors to drive the lenses.

    Another problem is most autofocus cameras do not have the split prism circle either.

    So bracket your focus zones like you would exposures. Stop down if you don’t need shallow depth of field etc.

    Is the 50mm easier to focus? I would imagine it is.

    You could always mount a pure manual lense.

    Have fun.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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