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    Not really timely as a subject but I’d never seen this guy’s work (granted I am not nearly as versed in photography as art as many of you are). From the gallery “City of Shadows”:

    “I saw people on the verge of insanity, in confusion: unattractively dressed men and women with eyes full of sorrow and desperation, tottering on their routine dreary routes with their last ounce of strength, in search of some food which could prolong their lives and the lives of their families. They looked like shadows, undernourished and worn out. Nothing like that had occurred since World War II, when the Nazis blockaded the city. My impressions as well as my emotional state were enormously powerful and long lasting. I felt an intense desire to articulate these sufferings and grieving, to visualize them through my photographs, to awaken empathy and love for my native city?s inhabitants, people who have been constantly victimized and ruined during the course of the 20th Century.”


    ooooohhhh…. that is some very cool blur!


    I really love this handrail one:
    Are all of these gelatin silver prints? I can’t seem to find out what he is doing on his website.


    Some here (“I placed my Hasselblad camera near the entrance to the Vasilievostrovskaia subway station”)

    Prints here:

    From the pdf:

    “Titarenko?s prints are unique
    artifacts in themselves. They?re
    rich in greys, toning and selective
    bleaching, and he flashes his
    paper prior to exposing in the
    enlarger. His printing process is
    labour intensive and extremely
    time consuming. To make one
    print it takes three to four days.
    To put that in perspective, he?s
    only able to create four prints a
    month or 15-20 a year. Which
    further clarifies why Titarenko?s
    extraordinary prints are in such
    high demand in the American
    fine art market.”

    The handrail was the first I saw and I quite like it as well, amongst several others.


    Very cool, thanks for sharing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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