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    This question is mostly aimed at corsec67, since I know he’s used similar arrangements, but anyone can feel free to chime in.

    I purchased a 52mm reversing ring from B&H, and started playing around with micro shots.

    My first problem is just in my glass alone, I recognize that and can’t do much at this point……

    I have a 24mm prime f/2.8 which I have to as the reversed lens due to a lack manual arperture on any of my other lenses. I set the manual arperture to f/2.8.

    The Nikkor AF-S (entry level….. crap) default to a max closed arperture without power applied and vignetting is almost intolerable regardless of zoom when used as an outside lens.

    As the inside (camera side) lens, I have to use the 55-200mm zoom because of one of the issues I’m about to bring up being even worse with the 18-55.

    So, given my hardware arrangement :
    |-24mm Prime-||-reversing ring-||-55-200mm zoom-||-camera body-|

    At the wider angles approaching 55mm, there’s terrible vignetting, and at the higher zooms approaching 200mm, even at f/32, the depth of field goes to shit. Any advice?

    Here’s an example of each with an old zippo wheel.


    there really is no such thing as depth of field at that level. you’ve got to just take what you can get.

    The vignetting, if you have other lenses to try, do that. some lenses just simply don’t work for reversing.

    That white fuzz you see on the stem of a tomato is its own ecosystem.


    Alright, thanks…. Guess I’ll keep playing around for the time being…. or get used to cropping….


    You’ll get more depth of field (not a lot, mind) but less magnification if you use a longer lens on the end of the 55-200mm. I use a 105mm on mine mostly – that gets close, but not crazy close (2x life size, approximately): http://flickr.com/search/?ss=2&w=74356260%40N00&q=55-200mm+reversecoupled&m=text

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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