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    So I was shooting a roll of Ilford HP5 earlier this year, for some reason (don’t ask, I really don’t remember, obviously it wasn’t a good reason) I had to rewind and take the roll out of the camera after having shot only 10 frames.

    As expected, the partially exposed roll got mixed up with a new, completely unexposed one.

    Is it having each roll start from the eleventh frame the only practical solution?


    Not necessarily – pick one, shoot it from frame 11 and have it developed. If you picked right, you can shoot the entire other roll. If you picked wrong, you can still shoot frames 11+…


    Isn’t that B&W? And could you look at it under a darkroom light if so?

    edit:skip that, stupid question… red light’s only safe for prints…


    Silly me, I was automatically thinking on putting both rolls in the same tank (after having both of them exposed) and develop them at once, but yes, I can expose/process on a one by one basis and there’s a 50% chance that I start with the right one.

    Thanks sleeping!

    Usually I wouldn’t mind that much but film is expensive these days.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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