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    Hi, I’m new to posting my photos in Farktography contests, but I’ve been taking photos for a while now…

    If your bored feel free to check them out here :

    Feel free to leave comments of any kind!

    (Hope this is the right forum to post this.)


    Welcome! Two of my favorite bands and a moononite avatar! Apparently someone else attended the same school for the cynical and bored that I went to…

    I dig the “moon and trees” entry, although it would probably have done better in next week’s contest.


    Hi there! Welcome aboard! Be sure to join the Flickr Farktography group while you’re at it. We have pictures of boobies over there…oh and actual Farktography pictures too 😉


    Hey, thanks for the welcome. Sorry I haven’t been around since I last posted. busy at work, makes me sleepy when I get home.

    Joined the Flickr group. It’s sweet.

    Submitted a photo for this weeks contest even though iI had no prep for it, so I used a photo I already had uploaded on flickr… It kinda goes along with the theme… kinda.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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