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No, I *really* need a better macro lens…

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    …or at least a reversing ring.

    Handholding a 50mm reversed in front of my 70-300mm gets interesting effects, but it’s really kind of tedious.


    A reverse coupling ring to do that kind of work more conveniently should only run you a few dollars (like this). You may also need a step up/down ring if you can’t find one with the correct thread sizes, though.

    Since I think you shoot Nikon, the final thing you might want is a BR-3 Adapter, that lets you mount 52mm filters/hoods on a reversed Nikon lens. Those are a bit pricier, but I got a used on on Ebay for about $20.

    Of course, that setup isn’t nearly as convenient as a macro lens, but it does allow for magnification well beyond 1:1


    Yes, I’ve been shopping for a reversing ring and a BR-3 – but I think I’ve gotten a bit better at working close with the lenses I have, too:


    I have a 180mm Tamron macro that I bought used from and I must say that I do love it. The autofocus is so slow compared to my other lenses, but the extra working distance is really cool.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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