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    So, I finally got my photos uploaded from my NYC Blitz trip. I had to steer away from my usual mode of uploading to facebook and setting to public, though and finally broke down and got a flickr account. When I told my dad that I would be stopping at B&H, he politely reminded me about the nikon 10.5mm f/2.8 fisheye that he wanted. So I got it for him as a Christmas gift. And Like a good son, I gave it a thorough test drive to make sure it was up to par before I can give it to him. Then I realized that if I uploaded those photos to facebook, he would see them and get suspicious. So, nobody tell my dad.

    Here’s the linky to the photos: Be kind, be mean, be yourself, tell me what you think. I don’t feel right without healthy doses of critisism. Or spell check.

    Other than that, here’s a few cliff’s notes of my adventure.

    I started at 8:30 AM on Tuesday
    Amtrak is awesome. Cheaper than flying, and better photo ops. I think I have rekindled a childhood love affair for trains. Plus the lady working in the snack car was kind of cute.

    3:00 PM Tuesday
    B&H was not at all what I expected. I was overwhelmed. I got lost. Twice. I spent alot of money once I figured out how their system works. Probably too much money. I went to the used area first, just to browse. Turns out, there’s not really any way to browse things like lenses. You go to a counter, tell them what you want, they do a search on the computer and bring out a stack of lenses that meet your discription. Then they let you hook up to your camera and play around for a few minutes. So I picked up a Lensbabies 2.0 and a 24mm f/2.8 prime lens that quickly replaced my 18-55mm f/3.5 as my default lens. Especially since the sun was going down. Then I walked through the new stuff section and wet myself several times. Picked up a lens cleaning kit and a UV filter for the 24mm. Then I went to the new stuff counter, played with a couple fisheyes, got one that I knew my dad I would like, and added it to my tab. I also placed an order for delivery for a lensbabies creative arperature kit, since they didn’t have any in stock. If you’ve never been to Photography Mecca B&H, I highly recomend it. If for no other reason, then to see a strangely complex but highly efficient and theft resistant system in play.

    4:30 PM Tuesday
    After B&H I proceded to make the trek to times square, followed by the Empire State Building, and back to Times Square. Nothing of terrible importance to note, other than the security at the observation deck had the most amazing depression-era uniforms and pea coats. I don’t know if it was policy or religious beliefs, but every one of them was extremely adament about not having their pictures taken. So I respected their requests and came away empty handed for photos of what I thought was a badass uniform. Oh, yeah. And no tripods at the ESB. Which made my zoom-in shots of the Statue of Liberty at night really farking blurred.

    9:00 AM Wednesday
    The NJ commuter train was much more of a disapointment than Amtrak, in that the insides of the train was dirty. Like filthy. Like gas station bathroom filthy. Also, not only were the windows not suitable for taking photos through, they were barely suitable for even seeing through. I hope it was just dirt and mud.

    7:30 PM Wednesday
    When I got home, there was an envelope from UPS sitting on my porch. I imediately thought “That’s not big enough for a PT Cruiser water pump…. What is that?” Yeah, it was the Lensbabies arperature kit I’d order at B&H the day before. They got bonus points for that one. I figured the “free shipping since I ordered at the store” was going to be 1-2 weeks. Nope. Overnight express.

    Final stats:
    3 fast food burgers
    2 sidewalk vendor hotdogs
    1 drunkard walking into sidewalk vendor hotdog cart
    5 venti white chocolate mocha’s from Starbucks
    2 cups black and bitter from the hotel
    3 new lenses
    514 photos
    5 hours of actual sleep
    4 hours delay trying to figure out why my car wouldn’t start
    3 strange looks from gas station attendants watching me hotwire my own car to get it to start
    11.3 mpg average highway efficiency.

    All in all, I had fun, completely wore myself out, and am already planning my next trip out there. I’m thinking 3-5 days of photo-blitzing next time. Maybe I should buy some more memory cards. And skip the Jersey part of the trip.


    I love those fisheye shots from the ESB.
    All the fisheyes are cool actually.

    NYC is a fisheye lens paradise.
    My next NYC trip is going to include a night trip to the top.


    Yeah, I think I got a bit carried away with the fisheye, but it was my first time using one, so that’s my excuse. Like the Madame Tussard’s shot would have probably been better with the 24mm lens from somewhere in the middle of the street, but the fisheye made it convenient from the sidewalk. I’m probably going to play with it a bit more before I give it to my pop for Christmas. You know, to make sure it still works when I do give it to him.


    I can’t believe I fell for that line about the disposable camera.
    I’m overcome with regret.

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