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    So, in preparation for Kestrana and my voyage from Washington state to Connecticut, I’m planning out my photographic assault weapons now, and am open to….. correction…. desire input or suggestions on my choices. I’m trying to fit everything into carry-on with my laptop included, to minimize the amount of needed space (wouldn’t want the car to get too cramped). I’m also flying out to SEATAC, so my rocket-launched cameras are right-out. Oh, and ‘mofo, if there’s anything you want me to have for the Chi-town mugging, let me know, I’ll see if space accomidates. 😉

    Hardware going with:

      General shooting – Nikon D90
      Film is Fun – Nikon N65 (AF only, diopter is misaligned :cry:)
      Antiques are fun-er – TBD
      Video can be fun – Sony 720p handycam
      If I can figure out the (hopefully) last error that’s keeping it from turning on – Nikon D50 converted to digital IR

    Glass going with:

      Nikkor 24mm f/2.8
      Nikkor 60mm f/2.8 Macro
      Nikkor 70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 Tele (AKA Hugo)
      Loreo 3D Lens-in-a-cap
      All requisite filters including cokins and Ha+IR pass (for the converted D50)

    Other equipment in my arsenal that may be considered:

      Nikon EM (MF only, Aperture Priority only)
      Brownie Target Six-20
      Brownie Target Six-16
      Brownie Hawkeye 620
      Holga 120N (highly unlikely, I believe Kestrana still has the Farkolga.
      Casio Exilim ES-5 (beat pretty badly from rockets and kites, but still ticking)
      Ansco Viking 6.3
      Digital Helmet-Cam
      Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 DX (AKA Chuck)
      Nikkor 50mm E f/1.8 (MF)
      Poor-mans fisheye (threads on to 52mm filter ring, works okay-ish with 24mm prime)
      Lensbaby 2.0
      Phoenix 650-1300mm f/5.6-16 (MF) (AKA Thor)
      Various extention tubes
      Kenko 3x
      Kenko Pro 2x
      Loreo lens-in-a-cap (psuedo-pinhole)

    Also, if anyone along the route uses Pentax K-mount stuff, I have a Sigma 200mm prime tele-macro (all manual). I don’t recall the widest f/stop offhand. This was one of two lenses I learned to shoot with many years ago, and was purchased by my dad circa 1982. It’s still in great shape, and as a random tidbit of trivia, was used to photograph the space shuttle Challenger in 1984. I’d be willing to offload it for an agreeably fair price.


    Holy cow. No wonder my pictures aren’t as good as you farkessionals! I only have my Canon XTi and two lenses (55-85 and 70-300mm), plus two adapters that either double or halve the 55.

    I need a better paying job; else I’ll never be able to afford such wonderful toys…


    Sheesh, I might need to bring a dolly to mug you both in one trip.


    Dude, if you stop to use all that stuff you should get to Ct by December!


    Sheesh, I might need to bring a dolly to mug you both in one trip.

    I only have my D5000, 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses and the Farkholga!


    ‘mofo/NBD, I’m pretty sure Kestrana or her cat would kill me if I took the full battery. That’s why I want to pack light. The only reason I’m taking 35mm at all is because I have a couple rolls of Kodachrome I want to burn off before Dwayne’s stops processing them at the end of the year.

    And, Ravnostic, don’t get intimidated by a list like that. Most of it is ebay, yardsale, or the parents attic. I had my dad’s old pentax when I was in highschool, switched to a P&S for the next 5 years when I joined the navy, then got a D50 with the kit lens three days before my second deployment because I wanted a better camera and figured western europe was a great place to learn to use it. I’m not above buying used gear and trying new things out, so on one side I’ve learned some neat things, on the other, some of the stuff (like thor) sit and collect dust because it’s just not practical (the thing is literally three feet long at max zoom) and my tripod is too wobbly for it.
    I can also blame part of the last summer and fall when I was having some dark times and went through a pretty massive ebay-therapy phase to compensate. Not proud in retrospect, but I got alot of cool toys out of it.

    Just keep plugging and learning as you go.


    Oh. Anyone (cameraflage) have any advice for shooting springtime wyoming landscapes?

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