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    So, as I was digging through the “move it or lose it” pile in one of my parent’s sheds, I came across my old box of model rockets, one of which was fitted with a 110 camera that would take a photo when the ejection charge pushes parachute out. Just out of curiostity, I snapped the shutter, advanced the film and opened the case to find a roll with the number 7 displayed. I don’t remember 110 well enough to know if this is 7 exposed or 7 remaining, but I’m curious to get it developed.

    So…. My question is, if I have a roll of 110 film of questionable age (12-14 years), what would be my best hope for having it developed successfully? Walmart one-hour? A specialty camera shop? A mail-in interweb place?

    Specs are as follows:
    Polaroid 110/24 ISO 200
    Process C-41
    Batch 10 154 330-9410

    I also came across about 15 rolls of 35mm, both color and b/w, and a few disposable cameras. This ought to be interesting.


    I have a vivitar 110 around here somewhere from way back when, and it showed how many exposures were taken. I think most all the cartridge cameras did that way, at least all of mine did. So if it’s a 12 exposure cartridge, you’d have 5 left.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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