Plants: Some of my runner-ups for this week’s contest

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    These are some of the coulda beens, had the gotta-haves not won out. I do have larger versions of each if anyone wants them.

    The big version of this one makes a phenominal desktop background:

    This shot is taken by moonlight, and almost made the cut:

    These queen palm fronds also almost made the cut. Too bad we can only post 3 image. Incidently, I was up all night with my telescope; this shot I piggybacked my camera on the scope body so the stars came out without any streaks (the fronds look almost perfect, but in closeup you can see it is they that moved.)

    Pretty flower pics are a dime a dozen, but nonetheless, I do like this one. For the contest, I got a bit more original (I hopes!!)

    I liked the spidey in this one. For the life of me I don’t know why he was there. There are these little tiny round yellow ‘poof’ flowers that have a little dimple in them, and it’s clear to me that’s where this guy would feel at home. But alas, he got lost, I suppose.

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