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    For those of you who don’t hang out in the Pub board, there recently has been a healthy discussion about revisiting the Farktography rules in order to make them more fair to film and digital shooters, to recognize that some amount of photo editing really isn’t that bad a thing, and to generally simplify what honestly is a pretty overwhelming list, especially for newbies.

    To that end, there is a poll up on the poll board where you can vote on the proposed rule changes. Voting will be open for 7 days. Please take a few to read through the original discussion, as it will probably answer most questions and clarify the reasoning behind the proposed changes. The original discussion is here:
    and the voting thread is here:

    It would be good to have as many people as possible to vote on the proposal since this everyone’s community, and any changes will affect all Farktographers. Thanks much, everyone.

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