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    So, looking at my short-term schedule, and the associated weather report, does anybody have any advice for capturing the “feel” of a rainy day?

    Right now, I’m leaning towards shallow/soft focus and slight underexposure. Other hints/tips/tricks would be much appreciated.


    You probably won’t need any underexposure unless you’re looking for a very dark effect. Take a look at an 18% grey card – it’s about the tonality of heavy overcast. You may actually need to dial in a bit of positive exposure compensation if you want shadow detail.

    This is snow not rain, but a low power flash pop can get you an interesting effect:


    That probably won’t work in a full-fledged downpour though…


    Hopefully, it’s more of a light drizzle than a downpour, but it’s hard to tell in advance.


    When I was younger I had a camera that I didn’t know how to use very well, so I could never turn off auto-flash. Every picture I remember taking that had falling rain had used the flash, and there’s a ton of silvery-white drops everywhere. If that’s the specific effect you’re looking for, awesome, but I didn’t think it was very interesting.


    I see that pic a lot and while its a meme image, i think it does capture a good rainy day feel. Long(er) exposure shots might be neat to make the rain streaky instead of orb-like.

    Coincidentally I just looked outside and the sun is shining, but its pouring rain. Oklahoma is so weird.


    I like to look for reflections on pavement. It can be tough, though, trying to capture the mood of a rainy day. I think shooting around twilight and soft focus would help.

    Here’s a shot with the kind of reflections I’m talking about.

    What part of Oklahoma are you in, Zumaki?


    Stillwater, but I’m from Edmond/OKC area.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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