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    Emotion. This is Will Perry of Rivergate Restoration. He was bumped between turns 1&2. He thought everything was okay with his car but when he came through going into turn 4 his car went straight.

    Here is turn 1. I actually caught 2 separate contact incidents with this shot. You will see the Miata and the Corolla contacting each other and the Miata and the Mini behind them. During club races contact isn’t allowed like you see in Nascar. This photo was actually requested to be used as evidence since on of drivers protested the contact.

    One of my shooting spots. What you see is what was between me and the track. I was told nobody had ever hit the tires, I’m glad that this weekend wasn’t the time it was to happen for the first time.

    Hanging a tire off. This is what made this spot so scary. Drives would come through and straighten out and set up for the quick right-left turn to the back straight. Some came in a little hot and hung a tire off the track. What you can’t see is the safety truck and ambulance sitting off to my right so the response time to any incident involving me would have been under 10 seconds.

    Once last one. Here is the view from the starter stand. This was just before the night time 3 hour enduro race started. There were clouds hanging around but the rain was gone.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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