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    Believe the hype when it comes to “approved” SD cards! I lost about 140 shots Saturday night, the most likely cause being a generic 1 Gb SD card I picked up for $15.

    I’ve been using a couple of basic 256 Mb San Disk cards (the blue ones), several thousand shots without a problem. Saturday night was my first time using the generic, and shortly after completing a 100+ shots of a Rubber Doll performance (I was at the Dallas Fetish Ball), the display flashed the message “FILE CONTAINS NO IMAGE DATA”.

    Five different recovery tools later, and I came to the conclusion that the camera essentially wrote over the files that had been there. Suck.

    Learn from my mistake, spend a few extra dollars.


    thanks for the tip, and sorry about your lost shots. that sucks!


    that does suck huge. i agree – no more of this generic crap. sometimes brand names are good! we love labels! yay consumerism!!! USA is A-OK!!!


    whoops, sorry ’bout that. 😛

    /seriously, i’m all in for Lexar and SanDisk. that is all i’ll get now after losing a folder’s worth of shots from my honeymoon. sure it was the last day and my husband has nearly identical images, but still. could’ve been a LOT worse.


    sorry to hear that 3Horn it truly does suck to lose images. especially ones you can’t replace.

    at least when one had the lab screw up your film it was only 24 or 36 frames.

    all told i have a total of 12 compact flash cards and 6 or 7 xD cards. all name brand and no problems so far. usually download from a reader but have done the camera thing too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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