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Serif’s PhotoPlus, anyone?

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    In the issue of the magazine I got for Christmas (Digital Photography, a UK publication), there’s a CDROM containing PhotoPlus 9.0. I went ahead and registered it (good thing I’m up at 4am MST, took no time at all to reach a very hot-looking [or so he sounded so, love them UK accents!] representative stud-muffin).

    Anyone use this? It’s GOT to be an upgrade over my Roxio Photosuite (circa 1994), no? He did a weak sales pitch for version 14.0, tauting it as ‘90% of Photoshop for 1/6th the price’. I declined for now. But it would come with manuals and such, which might be helpful–though I did find an online manual.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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