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    Ok, I’m hoping to view the Shuttle launch in Oct. Is a night time launch so I KNOW lighting will be a challenge. Also the longest lens I have is a Sigma 70-300.. Any advice on shooting? And its extremely unlikely I will get ahold of a longer lens (no one seems to give out the really long lenses for free).


    Rent a lens? has the Nikon 80-400mm for $52/wk, and the Canon 100-400mm for $49/wk.

    They’ve also got the Sigma 50-500mm for Canon for $45/wk. lists approximately the same prices.


    That’s an interesting site, too bad almost everything is accounted for.

    Probably would have rented the canon 10-22mm for my week in Yamanashi had I known this site.

    Might rent the Canon 50 f/1.2L next time I work a concert just to see how noticeable the difference is.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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