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    and came home with a few photos…

    just a taste as I’m just starting to work on a few.

    Museum of Flight

    Near Mt. St. Helens

    Quarry Cove – Yaquina Head

    Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

    Latourell Falls – Columbia River Gorge


    and of course more will be uploaded as time allows for processing.


    Nice, where all did you go in Washington and Oregon?


    Well done. What was your exposure on the Quarry cove?


    orionid – 145sec, I think I had stacked my 10 stop and 3 stop ND’s for that one (f/14 aperture)

    linguine – let’s see… started in Seattle, Mt. St. Helens, Portland, McMinnville, Drift Creek Falls (Lincoln County), Rocky Creek (oregon coast), Newport/Yaquina Head, Cape Perpetua, Waldport, Mt. Hood, Hood River, Columbia River Gorge, Cannon Beach/Seaside, Astoria, Long Beach, WA, and Olympia.

    A couple more:

    Haystack Rock – Cannon Beach

    back at Trillium Lake / Mt. Hood the next morning from the OP shot, finally got some calm water.

    parking lot at Timberline Lodge providing some nice light painting of the foreground here.

    took my 3 visits to finally get this shot. Ultimately had to do a pano to get the entire wing in frame. A 17mm on full frame wasn’t enough, nor was 11mm on a crop last visit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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