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    So, taking an idea from ravnostic and using cookie press die inserts as waterhouse stops (which I was planning on doing after our honeymoon in Hawaii), I found a press at goodwill the other day for $2 and snapped it up. Yesterday, I realized that the inserts somewhat fit inside the soda can lens without any sort of mount, so I took it and a few of the inserts to a local carnival last night and broke all the rules. They were just haphazardly stuck inside the lens, held in place by friction, and haven’t been painted black yet, so probably reflect way too much, but it was fun. Here’s a few examples.

    Sizzler Lights by Orionid, on Flickr

    “7” by Orionid, on Flickr

    The Zipper by Orionid, on Flickr

    Carnival Bokeh by Orionid, on Flickr


    Pretty cool for just slapped together.


    I really like the third picture down, but overall an awesome gallery. I’ve been wanting to play with bokeh-adapters, but haven’t had the chance yet.


    They ARE fun, aren’t they? I modified my DP lens; I now use the press dies in front of the lens; a neoprene ring that’s been cut to size holds them in. Easier to change, for one, and far better pictures. All of the shots in my gallery of Tonto Nat’l Monument taken with that lens feature them in that configuration(did I post that yet? Or did I fergetaboudit?) Works much better in the resulting images. If I weren’t in the middle of working 6 days straight, I’d show ya. Or, friend me at FB (Russell Vallelunga); I’ve got them in a gallery there.

    //EDIT–and oh, yeah, I really like the 2nd and 4th ones here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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