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Storage options, card readers, "digital wallets?"

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    I’ve finally dumped my film hardware in favor of a Nikon D80, 18-135mm kit lens – I’ll be adding more lenses to my collection as time goes on.

    I got it with a 2GB SD card, which should hold about 110 pictures in NEF+JPG (fine).

    I’ve been using film for a long time, and one of the things recommended by most “pros” is that I’d need to break the habit of trying to get the shot “perfect” so as to not waste film.

    I’ll probably be burning through 2GB of storage rather fast, so here’s my dilemma – do I really want to carry around multiple SD cards and possibly a laptop on trips, or does anyone have recommendations for other ways to back up the images?

    I’ve been looking at things like the iPod Camera Connector, which would dump the images onto an iPod, and the Epson P-3000 or P-5000, but I really don’t think I need the expense involved in actually viewing the pictures in the field, nor do I need to be killing an iPod’s batteries with their Camera Connector.



    i use CF cards and have 6 in a small “wallet” and one in the camera. the wallet stays in the camera bag but would go in a pocket easily. it’s about 2/3 the size of a pack of cigarettes. 2 one gig cards and 4 512 plus a 512 in the camera. the camera is a konica minotla maxxun 7D set to xfine (jpeg only) and a 512MB card will hold 82 images.

    have never used all the cards 🙂 i don’t delete in the field and don’t even really look at the images until i’m home and on the computer. you really can’t tell much with the review feature. and i shot a LOT. was trained by film pros that also shot a lot. the pros i worked with (provide support on location) always said film was cheap. compared to going back and setting up shots again it was. digital is even cheaper. and so are SD cards. get a couple more and don’t worry about backing up in the field.


    More SD cards are probably cheaper and definitely smaller than any other practical solution.
    8gb cards are under $100 now, and prices will only go down as long as the format’s around.


    Thanks. I hadn’t noticed the 4GB and 8GB Class 2 cards coming as low as they have – probably because everyone’s so focused on the Sandisk Class 6 4GB and 8GB cards, which were quite a bit higher last week.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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