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    My new off-camera lighting system.

    1* Impact Umbrella Kit, from B&H (Includes the light stands, flash holder, umbrella which has a removable black part) ($100)

    2* Vivitar 285HV ($80 each, new)

    2* Cactus V2s Radio Receiver. I got the kit and a spare receiver. ($50 for the whole set of 2 receivers and 1 transmitter)

    This works pretty well, and costs about $320 in total. I had one Vivitar 285HV from before.

    The main thing here that is low quality is the wireless radio triggers, the next step up is a set of PocketWizard II Plus, but that is $180 each, and I would need 3 here.

    I also added an antenna to the Cactus flash transmitter, using these instructions


    You could do it with two PWs, a couple of hotshoe-to-household adapters, and some modified household powercables.’s Lighting 101 shows some ideas. You can fire two flashes with one PW – I’ve done it and it is a lot less than a third PW.

    Basically, the off-camera PW is wired via household (two-prong) cables to both flashes. You’ll need a double-ended male cable.

    Nice kit, btw.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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