That’s the last time anyone but I handle my negatives.

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    So I’m home from college for a 4 day weekend, went out and snapped off a roll. I’m impatient so I took it to Walgreens to get the negatives done as opposed to waiting until next Wednesday to do it myself. I used to take piles of Advantix and 110 film there when I was a kid and never had an issue.

    I get this line “uh, it was a blank roll. *looks at roll uh, it wasn’t a C-41 film?”

    Me- “no, and no it wasn’t”

    Doucheveloper- “Did you shoot the roll”

    Me- *Intense stare*

    Doucheveloper- “Was it supposed to be black and white?”

    me-“Um, yeah”

    Doucheveloper *unrolls roll to reveal that all the silver is gone* “Uh, do you still want this?”

    Me- “What the hell would I do with it”

    Doucheveloper- “blank stare”

    I then left…it was a good roll….


    Last time I took black and white to a chain (Rite Aid in case you were wondering), they at least acknowledged that it was black and white. Then shipped it off to some other facility. Two weeks later, when it came back, they told me that their “48 hours or it’s free” policy doesn’t apply to black and white, then charged me $52.00 for a 36 shot roll because of “special processing.”

    When I got the pictures, they were all good at the top and faded to black at the bottom. A look at the negatives showed blankness along half the film – charateristic of not putting enough developer in the canister.

    I waited a few paychecks then invested in my own developing solution and canisters, along with a roll of duct-tape to seal off the bathroom of light. I’d take my finished negatives to walmart for printng and had no problems.


    That really sucks. I was told by a regular film user to only go to places like Wolf/Ritz near colleges with regularly full photography classes. I thought she was just being a crazy perfectionist at the time.

    One time when I had film developed (at Osco, far from any college) they tore the film apart. Like, it literally broke.
    Then they gave me prints of the broken film. They didn’t even mention it at the time.

    Which is kinda neat I guess. Certainly neat by comparison.


    I experimented with their film to digital service and they gave me 1-2MB files. Never tried that again =/


    It’s enough to make a guy stick to polaroid.

    Like my photography hero.

    (I just wanted to post that video. I’m a sucker for surly guys in bathrobes shouting at people.)


    The times I shot black and white I always had to send it off.
    that sucks that they destroyed it…

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