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    I’m not really sure that what I’m doing qualifies as ‘in-camera’ texturing–texture, sure–in camera; not so much, but I’ve been working with the latest project for two days, and today have a working prototype that’s as convenient to use as 10lbs of glass and tin box can be.

    Inspiration: this post, from our favorite and most talented tinkerer, Orionid, here:

    The project: Make use of ‘the other half’ of the DP (Darlot Project) lens purchase:

    This is/was almost 1/2 of a Magic Lantern (ML) Projector, bought at the estate sale for $40 some year or so ago. It was a great steal–the Darlot lens is worth 5x that, if the ebay is correct. And I’ve had fun with that lens, to be sure. But the box, (and the bellows, not shown), have been nothing but shelf decoration. Enter Orionid‘s flickr link, providing inspiration.

    There’s some pics in his thread (above), but I’ve done a little refining. Rather than having to carefully place a card with a texture ‘filter’ by hand, which was way too cumbersome, I took the lens off the projector and determined it’s focal length to be 2.25 inches. [It’s two pieces of highly plano-convex glass whose convex surfaces face each other and which has exterior surfaces are flat– like this |)(| ]

    A trip to the 99 cent store for some foam-core board and a little black paint later, and I’d fashioned an interior mount–held by friction so I didn’t muck up the box permanently):

    A further use of the foam core fashioned a mount for the ‘filter’ to be attached. A little electrical tape applied somewhat haphazardly ensures a snug fit to the interior, against the mount brackets (for the ‘look ma–no hands!’ convenience of neither having to ‘find’ correct focus nor hold it in place while I move about.)

    And viola! The project is assembled and ready to go. Total cost: $2.18 after tax, as I already had paint and electrical tape (the extra dollar was for the plastic from which I shot my samples, below).

    Further pictures with different types of filters will make their was into the gallery, when taken.

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