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    Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I haven’t found it yet:

    I’m interested in looking over the photos from past contests. At first I could not, and so I thought that the problem was that I was not a member. So I memberated, but that has done no good for the problem at hand.
    When I click on “The Photos” I am taken to a page full of folders, each named for a past contest. Each and every folder tells me that there are “0 Images”. When I open the folder, sure enough, there are “0 Images”. Am I doing it wrong?

    Thanks for considering this potentially stupid question.



    Not stoopid quezteon.

    The ‘Photo’s’ folder hasn’t been updated in a loooong time (go back far enough and it’s populated.

    Usually, everyone just uses the Farktography stat’s manager (link in upper left of page), but it went down last week, and the host for that site is vacationing in Europe, thus either hasn’t realized it yet, or has–but is busy having fun in real life instead (can’t blame him!).

    We also have a user here who is building an alt. site for such things (really it’s about the stats, but you do get to see the pictures), but that hasn’t gone live yet.

    So for now, if you go here:

    And scroll down through the photoshop linkages, you’ll find our contests. If you are looking for a particular one, and know the date (which will be a Wednesday), you could page through to get there somewhat rapidly.

    At the moment, it’s the best we go. Hopefully Schnee, who does the stats mgr, will come home from Europe, notice things are amiss, and correctify it. Or the other will get their version online soon.

    Sorry for the technical difficulties. Please stand by. 🙂


    pardon the spelinz errors. It’s late.


    Oh, yeah–and welcome! It’s a great group here–they’ll help ya in any way they can in any photographic way possible.


    Well now, have I got a timely announcement for you…


    *STOP THE PRESS!!* (and stop standing by!)
    CISS just made an announcement about the new stats manager:

    //damn, that was timely!


    The scraper script that collects the photos got borked a few years ago when Fark changed something with the addresses or the way it posts pages (don’t remember the technical details). IIRC, Zeke said it’s actually still collecting photos, but isn’t displaying them properly or something. Anyway, it’s been on the list of things to fix.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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