two and a half hours, two frames

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    ok, granted one hour was wasted because I took a 25 minute exposure of my lens cap which was followed by a 25 minute dark frame noise reduction.

    8 minute exposure. sodium-vapor lights reflected on low clouds. blueish-purple light provided by revolving airport beacon. Sitting there, it was mostly completely dark with just a bit of yellow light in the clouds.

    this one is a 25 minute exposure, which accounts for the blur on the icebergs in the lake and on the trees and the fact that i fell asleep during the taking of the photo.


    Sleeping at the shutter. Tsk Tsk.

    Beautiful job, man.


    That’s nothing. I fell asleep sitting on a rock waiting for the dark frame to finish while taking this picture

    and woke up four hours later at dawn, covered in frost, barely able to move I was so damned cold.

    photography. hard work.


    That’s awesome, I’ll have to try that. Who knows, I might even get a noise free shot of streetlight lit smog… L.A. sucks in natural beauty department compared to Alaska.


    It’s amazing what you can do with light pollution and the right kind of sky. This one is all city lights.


    I’d have a decent night shot from the top of Mount Morrison that I took last Saturday, but I had a bit of a cognitive flatulence on Sunday. After heading down to the lake and shooting the last few frames on the roll I opened the camera, closed it, rewound the film, reopened the camera knowing there was no way the roll was going to come out. I was right 🙁


    That has to suck.. There is so much light pollution around here sometimes I think Im lucky to see Jupiter

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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