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    I’ve got some Nikon film hardware that I’d like to sell off to replace with digital – anyone have any experience with any of the online vendors (Adorama springs to mind) or is there a forum here where I should post the items?


    I think other Farktographers have posted items here. Other than that, the only place I have bought used equipment is ebay. What do you have?

    eBay is out of the question for me. They’re too closely tied to PayPal, and PayPal sucks.

    I’ve got these items to sell:

    Nikon FM3A, no lens (I’m holding on to several lenses that will work on my replacement…)

    Nikon FM10 w/35-70, f3.5-f4.8

    Nikon MD12 motor drive

    I’ve got boxes and manuals for all.


    check out nikonians.org they have a huge classifieds forum. Also fredmiranda.com (stuff goes really fast there). You’ll get a better price than at adorama.com or bhphotovideo.com


    You might check out KEH.com they buy/sell lots of used equipment, though I don’t know how their prices are.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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