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    There’s been a debate running for a couple of days about exactly when a photographer can take credit for a photo for Farktography purposes. Here’s a nonscientific poll for you to have a say.


    I’m not too keen on either choice, as worded. I’d like an option for “whomever has the greatest amount of creative control over the process.”


    No matter what the result is, I’m just glad we can have nice reasoned discussions about big issues like this and not explode into a wharrgarbl volcano. Kudos to the farktography community for being level-headed.



    Yeah, I’m a bit iffy on the wording myself, but it’s a bit complicated to reduce to a soundbite. There’s a great deal of variability inherent in the whole idea, but in the end I think the composer of the shot gets the credit, regardless of who presses the button.

    This could make for a seriously strange theme, someday… “Images inadvertantly taken by the subject” or some such…


    i voted no. while i understand the reasons behind yes there are too many other ways to trip the shutter than having a person do it. i guess my concern is the slippery slope thing. assume the whole setup is done by A but there’s no tripod to complete the shot. person B going to be the tripod and is told hold the camera like such and such framing us so that XX in in the frame, yada, yada. but at the moment of exposure it’s person B how actually has control of the framing.

    here’s an example of what i’m thinking. you are sightseeing with someone and want a picture of you and them in front of the local tourist attraction. so you pose your companion where you want the shot to be and then hand the camera to a trustworthy stranger to snap the actual photo. when you are showing the photos later you wouldn’t take credit for the shot.


    I saw a video a while back (damned if I can find it now) about a “photographer” who was almost the same as a movie director. He had a full crew, actors, etc. and a lovely full sized land camera. He was the creative direction behind the shoot, it was his vision but he never pulled the trigger.

    It may be his vision, he gets credit, gets paid for the work, but he isn’t the photographer.


    I think if that’s the logic though, there are no photographers. If you aren’t considering the photograph a result of the creative vision, well, the camera is what is doing all the work.


    I agree with orionid. “whomever has the greatest amount of creative control over the process.” makes the most sense here. I think I voted for yes a while back because there was not an option to say what he did.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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